Fusta Group is now REX Digital Marketing

REX Digital Marketing branding strategies

Your brand is how you connect with your target audience – how you represent yourself and your consumers. It’s the life or death of your business, so it’s pretty vital that you get it right!

Before even starting your business, you researched and researched and planned for months on end to create the perfect brand for your business and, let’s be honest, it wasn’t an easy feat, right?

But you’re here, right now, constantly finding new ways to enhance your business and beautify its face with all the brushes and blushers available.

So why is it we see so many businesses changing their brand identity, creating new and refreshing strategies to alter their brand’s appearance? And why is it that you, a smart and creative entrepreneur, may be heading towards rebranding your business?

Rex Camposagrado founded Fusta Group in 2012 and thought it would be a good idea to name the company FUSTA after “Full Steam Ahead Marketing”. When talking to clients, friends, or family members…Rex seemed to get asked what does “FUSTA” stand for? He eventually realized that he needed to make changes to the business name.

Rebranding the SEO and Digital Marketing business name needed to be done to improve the brand message. Rex needed to let people know exactly what his business was about immediately after hearing it.

That’s when REX Digtial Marketing was born. The business name gets right to the point and tells everyone exactly what the company does…digital marketing.

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