What is SEO and Why Should I Do It?

What is SEO and why do SEO?
SEO is a necessity when it comes to your online marketing initiatives.

Why do I need SEO when I can just pay for ads? Why can’t I just post about my business on social media sites? Why do SEO when the review sites are bringing in leads to my business? These are the questions we hear from small business owners or webmasters who have a site and want to get more online customers.

SEO is the total package of on-page changes (keyword research, title, metadata), off-page (backlinks), and technical optimizations that rank a website higher than its competitors in search engine results pages. It affects how users perceive your business or service offering, which directly impacts the amount of targeted traffic you receive every day.

Hiring an SEO professional helps you increase your website’s organic visibility by carrying out several tasks including technical optimizations, monitoring search engine crawl frequency, performing keyword research, and keeping track of rankings for target keywords among other things.

What are the benefits of SEO?

There’s a number of reasons why you should make SEO strategies part of your business plan:

  • Increase Website Traffic – You get free, targeted traffic from search engines year-round.
  • Save Money on PPC Advertising – People click on organic links far more often than paid ads, meaning you spend less money on advertising. – Gain Clients & Sales – When people find your site in search results for their preferred keywords, they will consider it as an authority and give it serious consideration when making decisions about purchases or services. Your online presence is now considered top-notch which can only help increase sales.
  • Optimize your web pages to make them easily accessible by search engine spiders, i.e., Google.
  • Helping a site rank higher in search engines so you get more traffic from long-tail keywords and organic searches.
  • Increase conversion rates and sales by improving SEO.

Remember that search engines are not guaranteeing that you will reach the first page, so your SEO strategy should consider other options as well such as social media and other forms of marketing.

What SEO tactics should I implement?

There’s a large number of SEO techniques to increase the visibility of the website in organic search results. We recommend careful follow-up on several ones out of three categories: On-page optimization Off-Page Optimization, and Technical SEO.

On-page optimization is all about SEO-friendly content and SEO tags while off-page optimization includes SEO backlinks from other websites to build the authority of your website. Backlinks are like high school, the more friends (or links) you have, the more popular you will be (higher you will appear in the search engines). However, you have to belong to a good group of friends because if you have a lot of bad friends (bad links), it can bring you down.

Technical SEO involves making sure you don’t have any broken links (404s), broken images, check redirects (301), server errors, page load speeds, image optimization, and other backend issues that need to be fixed. You may need a skilled SEO or web developer to help you with technical SEO.

The benefits of SEO for small businesses are obvious: free, passive traffic to your website, month after month. We can help with SEO services, SEO consulting, or SEO training courses — just ask us!  Let us know if you have any questions about SEO or how it’s done.

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