Why is Local SEO Important for Business?

We know how important search engine optimization is for a business. Local SEO is the same but with filters of geolocation, zip code, state, city, town or “near me” options. In short, local SEO is more focused and cater to users of a certain area. 

Why is Local SEO Important for Business?
Local SEO for your business

Local SEO and Businesses 

Local SEO can be your key to success if you run a brick and mortar store. Here are some facts and figures about  local search engine optimization:

– 50% of people who used their smartphones to search for a retail store visited it within a day

– 34% of people who used their tablets or desktops did the same

– 60% adults living  in the U.S. use their phones to find a local service/product

– 50% people who use their phones for local SEO look for location of the business

– 78% people bought the product/service they searched online

– 71% searchers claim that they look up for a retail store online before visiting it

– 1 in 3 people search the store online moments before they visit it

Benefits of Local SEO for Your Business 

If you want to reach more customers in your vicinity, local SEO is for you. It can help you in the following ways:

– Both locals and non-locals search for your business online. In fact,  non-locals look for it more often. Help them find you by doing the right SEO

– Locals look for places that offer an advantage over others. Mentioning free wi-fi or outdoor setup can bring in people to your place

– Local SEO does not need a website. You can appear in search results  and gain customers

– People look for a place they can go to more often. This is why they need a place that is reliable and offers the best product/service. Providing all  these details in local SEO can help them make a decision

Who Is  Local SEO  For?


Many searchers look for law firms and lawyers online. They type keywords in search bar and a list of local attorneys pops up. These people can even call the attorneys by clicking on their “Call Now” option.

Local SEO connects people with law firms and lawyers in time.

This is because when stuck in an accident or difficulty, people want immediate help. They need to get in touch with an expert who can guide them further

Medical Help

This is a very critical situation. You do not want to spend much time searching for it. In fact, the closer, the better works here because you may be going there . When you search for it online, local SEO combines a list of doctors for you. It contains their names, contact details and even timings. You can even click in the “Directions” to get to your desired location. 

There are innumerable benefits of local SEO. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you so you don’t lose possible business.

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